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Library Cards

Free library cards are issued to residents of North Branford who can show proof of residency. These cards expire after 3 years and may be renewed at no cost. There is no replacement charge for a lost card. Children are eligible for cards when they reach the age of 5. They will be asked to print their first and last names (with help, if needed); a parent's signature is required for children under 14. Parents are responsible for the debts of their minor children. A person may use another family member's card; any fines against the card will be charged to its owner. Residents of other towns must obtain a card from the town where they live, and then are welcome to use our libraries.

Due Dates, Renewals, and Fines


Loan Period Renewals Grace Period Late Fines Fine Limit per item
Books 28 days 2 2 days $.10/day $5.00
New adult books 14 days 2 2 days $.10/day $5.00
Rental books Open no need for renewal none $.15/day for each day the book is out $10.00
Reference books 3 or 7 days 2 2 days $.10/day $5.00
Magazines 3 or 7 days 1 2 days $.10/day $5.00
Videos & DVD's 7 days 1 none $.50/day $5.00
PVS Videos/DVD's 3 days 1 none $1.00/day $10.00
Audio books 14 days 2 2 days $.10/day $5.00
Music CD's 14 days 2 2 days $.10/day $5.00
Computer CD's 14 days 2 none $.50/day $10.00
Inter-library loans varies varies varies varies varies
Museum passes 2 days none none $10.00/day $50.00

Fines: When calculating fines, we count only the days the library is open. For materials 3 or more days late, the 2 days of the grace period are counted in computing fines. People who owe $3.00 or more in back fines will not be allowed to borrow library materials.

Renewals: Items are renewed for their normal loan period, subject to the limits described above. We cannot renew items you have borrowed from another town's library, and some items that we borrow for you on inter-library loan cannot be renewed. Items can be renewed in three ways: by bringing them to the library with your card; by calling on the phone; or by using our online catalog. Click here to go to the online catalog.

Renewing by phone

Library patrons may renew by phone. In order to renew by phone, the caller must provide a library card number. Calls for renewals must be made at least 15 minutes before closing time.

Patrons whose fines or overdues exceed the library's limits may not renew by phone.

Materials which may not be renewed by phone include:
--Any item listed as a bill
-- Items on reserve
-- Any other items designated as non-renewable by the Library Director

Overdues and charges for loss or damage

People who have long overdue items will not be allowed to borrow materials. Long overdue items will be billed; if they are not returned, the full replacement cost must be paid (cost plus $1.00 for magazines).

The full replacement cost must be paid for materials which are lost or damaged beyond repair.

Lesser charges will be made for materials which need to be rebound, dried out, or re-covered, or for other types of damage.

Returning materials in outside book drops or in other town libraries

Both libraries offer book drops as a convenience for patrons. These should not be used when the drops are so full that no more items can fit in. There is a 50-cent charge for each item left outside. All materials except music CD's may be put in the book drop. Items left in the drop are considered returned when we open the drop at the beginning of each working day.

Most materials borrowed from one of our libraries may be returned at either of the North Branford libraries. Museum passes must be returned to the owning library. Items we borrow through Interlibrary Loan must be returned to the North Branford library from which the patron borrowed them. Items owned by our libraries may be returned to public libraries in other towns.

Web Guidelines

The North Branford Public Libraries website provides an online source of information for the staff and patrons of the Atwater Memorial Library and the Edward Smith Library. Our pages, along with links to other sites, are organized with the following goals in mind:
  • To provide information about the services, activities, and collections of our libraries

  • To assist staff and patrons in finding information and conducting research on the web

The website brings together resources that reflect the needs of our libraries' staff and patrons. It is not intended to be a comprehensive listing of available resources, nor is it intended to provide the kinds of information available at commercial websites. The libraries have no obligation to advertise or promote local businesses, agencies, or organizations.

The website identifies and provides links to many useful or interesting resources. However, the libraries can give no warranty as to the accuracy, value or appropriateness of information found on any particular website. Online resources may change or disappear at any time; the libraries cannot be responsible for factors that are outside their control.


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